Opening next year

Senior radiographer and clinical lecturer Julie Cook with radiographer Rachael Boakes, radiology care assistant Cheryl Finch and student radiographer Emma Wythe.


Asteral has completed its first year of operations at Peterborough, part of its MES covering three new buildings for health services in the city.  It now services two of these completed buildings and assists in the design solution for the PFI Peterborough City Hospital, which is under construction.


The Cavell Center, a new mental health unit and the City Care Centre, contain over 480 items of medical equipment, including two x-ray rooms, each featuring a GE Definium 6000, and the installation of two GE Voluson 730 Expert ultrasounds.


“Apart from one response desk phone call, every one of Asteral’s extremely tight KPIs has been met and surpassed,” it is stated.


See the full report on the back page of the February 2010 issue of RAD Magazine.

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