OSL adds software to speed organ contouring in RT planning

French med-tech company TheraPanacea has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Oncology Systems Limited (OSL) for the UK and Ireland.

TheraPanacea has developed AI-guided software ART-Plan for radiotherapy planning, which uses deep learning to speed up and standardise the contouring of organs at risk (OAR) and lymph nodes as well as to enable precision rigid and elastic fusion for faster replanning. By combining the power of AI with the collective intelligence of worldwide experts, ART-Plan automatically generates clinically acceptable contours for all anatomies (more than 80 OARs) in a few minutes instead of hours of human time.

TheraPanacea ceo Professor Nikos Paragios explained: “OSL is an experienced distributor of radiotherapy equipment with more than 75 customers in the UK and Ireland, so we are excited that it has decided to work with TheraPanacea exclusively entering the markets in the UK and Ireland.

“The combination of OSL’s experience and customer commitment with the cutting-edge technology of TheraPanacea’s AI-driven solutions for radiation therapy will enable customers to access the latest high performing data-driven solutions in radio-oncology treatment to better treat their patients and streamline clinical operations.”

ART-Plan is already used in the clinical workflow of more than 40 European centres that are benefiting from time savings and standardised treatment planning workflow. Users in Europe have reported saving up to 90 per cent of the time required for these tasks, says OSL.

Picture: ART-Plan generates clinically acceptable contours for all anatomies.

Published on page 26 of the May 2021 issue of RAD Magazine.

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