Patient positioning products that improve workflow added to range

Oncology Imaging Systems (OIS) has added two Qfix products to its range. The Alta Multipurpose device and FlexLock Knee and Foot Supports are intended to improve workflows and facilitate device consolidation for patient positioning during radiotherapy.

Alta Multipurpose immobilisation platform is free of any objects in the spine area with no structures that can interfere with the desired treatment beam paths. Its low attenuation properties make it suited to a range of radiotherapy procedures, from palliative treatment to stereotactic body radiation therapy. Its ‘therapist-friendly’ lightweight design can quickly adapt to different clinical set-up needs for a range of treatment types. This is accomplished by using industry standard indexing and Qfix’s InfinityEdge. The seamless transition of additional positioning and immobilisation devices provides flexibility and speed when performing additional clinical set-ups for treatments such as stereotactic radiosurgery and treatment of the breast, lung and pelvis.

The functionality of the FlexLock Knee and Foot Supports provides customisable indexing options for positioning the lower abdomen, pelvis and lower extremities. The FlexLock Knee Support features integrated height adjustability so that only one device is required for a variety of patients. Superior to inferior adjustments can be made while the patient is positioned to fine tune the indexed location and allow comfortable positioning of the legs and feet.

Both the Alta and FlexLock are MR-safe as standard and can be indexed directly to any MRI, CT and treatment couch tops using standard two-pin locating bars.

Published on page 22 of the December 2020 issue of RAD Magazine.

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