Positioning aid helps restriction of respiratory movement during SBRT

The ONEBridge positioning aid is part of the Body Pro-Lok ONE immobilisation system by Civco. It provides improved patient positioning and compression plate restriction and can be used with a wide or standard respiratory plate, which places pressure at the level of the diaphragm to assist in restricting respiratory movement.

Available from IEL, ONEBridge allows variable height adjustment of 21.6cm to 46.3cm and its lateral offset ability allows the bridge and plate to adapt to the patient’s natural posture and body type. Tilting offset allows optimal patient positioning for enhanced gantry clearance and an advanced latch is engineered to release in less than three seconds for patient safety.

The system’s respiratory belt provides pneumatic compression and immobilisation to the abdominal region for SBRT treatments.

Picture: ONEBridge has variable height adjustment.

Published on page 14 of the July 2019 issue of RAD Magazine.

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