Radiology specialists join veterinary hospital

Audrey Belmudes and Audrey Petite from the Fitzpatrick Referrals radiology team.

Fitzpatrick Referrals has expanded its oncology and soft tissue hospital in Guildford with the appointment of Audrey Belmudes, who joins Audrey Petite to form the new radiology team.  Together, they will collaborate with radiographers in diagnostic imaging to provide CT, ultrasound and fluoroscopic imaging and guide the best treatment plan for oncologic cases.

Petite said: “I have provided an imaging service to Fitzpatrick Referrals since 2015. In these past few years, I have observed the growth of the team and experienced first-hand its dedication to challenging what is accepted as the standard care of cancer in companion animals. I sincerely look forward to continuing to collaborate together and opening new doors for our patients.”

Belmudes said her first aim as a vet is to take care of companion animals, and, as a specialist, to challenge the current limits of medicine and to improve the care provided. “Joining the team at Fitzpatrick Referrals is a great opportunity to work with colleagues who share the same values. By combining our skills, we are able to provide gold-standard veterinary care.  Visiting the hospital, I was captivated by the orchestrated energy and dedication of staff. It gives us incredible capability to innovate in our respective disciplines by joining forces to deal with complex situations and find the best solution for patients and their families.”

See the full report on page 38 of the June 2018 issue of RAD Magazine.


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