Radionuclide meeting reveals latest from ARSAC

Mohammed Arshad of IBA and Dr Ronan McDermott from St James’s Hospital, Dublin, discuss the latest radiopharmacuticals from IBA.


The RCR annual radionuclide radiology meeting took place in January with more than 50 radiologists from the speciality attending.  ARSAC chairman Dr John Rees gave an update from the committee and said that in future the main focus of outputs will be available on the website, including the upcoming notes for guidance.  While the overall number of ARSAC licences is decreasing, the number of PETCT licences is increasing.


The Health Research Authority established in December will take over the functions of the National Research Ethics Service and will streamline the approvals for health research.  National clinical director for imaging Professor Erica Denton explained how the new NHS organisation will change the way healthcare is commissioned and the implications for nuclear medicine and radiology departments.


See the full report on page 2 of the March 2012 issue of RAD Magazine.


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