RF attenuation tests ensure standard of cage construction

Envirotect offers a range of independent RF attenuation testing services for existing and new cage structures. To determine shielding effectiveness a series of tests are performed at different locations throughout the RF cage. These are carried out using calibrated equipment to transmit and receive RF noise at specified frequencies in accordance with a set of standards stipulated by the magnet vendor. These tests help establish whether the cage construction meets these standards.

Managing director Niven Smith explained: “Our experienced test engineers will agree a suitable date with the customer for these tests and we require a customer representative to be on site to witness the results. An RF test report is completed by the engineer, which is then signed and dated by the witness. A copy of the test
report will be sent to the customer for their records.”

Sometimes a cage can be accidentally damaged during finishing works, Envirotect says, as several trades are on site throughout room refurbishment. Tests can assist with locating an issue, which could be something minor such as a screw piercing the copper lining. The company also provides electromagnetic interference testing, vibration surveys and magnetic steel shielding calculations.

Picture: An RF test report is completed by Envirotect’s engineers.

Published on page 13 of the September 2023 issue of RAD Magazine.

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