Rotherham trust creates integrated obstetric care record

Ultrasound deputy superintendent Annette Brammer using the ViewPoint system.

Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust has chosen HealthNetConnections (HNC) as its partner to create an integrated record for obstetric ultrasound by using the GE ViewPoint ultrasound reporting system.  All obstetric ultrasound findings are electronically captured within the GE ViewPoint system; coupled with HNC’s Talk2 integration suite the ultrasound reports are also shared electronically to RIS and PACS, creating an integrated patient record for obstetric ultrasound.

The ultrasound department recognised the need for a more appropriate reporting solution and chose to work with HNC to implement the GE ViewPoint system to work alongside its current RIS/PACS reporting workflows.

The trust is reportedly benefitting from increased reporting standardisation, improved examination times, central storage of ultrasound data, improved reporting with embedded ultrasound images and charts, integration of ultrasound reports by inclusion in Agfa RIS and PACS, and enhanced data quality, better trend analytics and exam specific reporting.

See the full report on page 10 of the November 2016 issue of RAD Magazine.

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