RPS Service Limited install CompAI TrueView 100 Pro Core at KGH Breast Unit

RPS Service is proud to announce the installation of a TrueView Core 100 Pro at KGH Breast Unit, which has benefitted a £250,000 refurbishment to support the 15,000 women it screens for cancer each year.

The TrueView Core 100 Pro is used as a way of quickly checking if a breast biopsy sample has accurately targeted an anomaly being checked in the breast tissue.

The automated software provides high resolution imaging for immediate core sample verification in the biopsy room, aiding improved workflow with the automatic calcification recognition and image magnification.

Kettering General Hospital’s breast screening programme manager, Deborah Black, said: “Sometimes areas that require a biopsy can be very small, only a few millimetres, so it is very important to sample exactly the right place.

“What the new machine enables us to do is very quickly check if we have sampled the right area and decide whether to take further biopsies straightaway. This can reduce the need for patients to come back for another procedure.”

Why the TrueView Core 100 Pro?

PRECISE: The SRS core couples a premium flat panel detector and x-ray tube to the latest in reconstruction software to detect even the smallest calcification. Its high-resolution optical camera provides exquisite detail for precise side-to-side comparison.

INTELLIGENT: SRS core improves workflow by providing automatic calcification recognition and image magnification. Furthermore, AI enhanced gesture control and voice control allows users to maintain their focus on the patient and limit contact with the equipment.

FAST: The SRS core user-interface has been developed to maximize your workflow. With one-button x-ray exposure, and our intuitive software, ease of use is assured.

If you are interested or would like to trial the system please contact us at: info@rpsservice.co.uk or visit rpsservice.co.uk.

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