Soliton shares details of RIS and PACS support nationwide

Soliton IT Limited is looking forward to meeting customers and partners at RSNA 2023, where it will showcase its latest product versions from its portfolio of radiology solutions. This includes some exciting new developments that have now been deployed of Radiology+ and Share+.

Following the introduction of the Integrated Care Systems for the NHS in England, the Radiology Reporting Service in Scotland and the Radiology Informatics Systems Program in Wales, the requirement for radiology departments to work closely is greater than ever. To help address this challenge SolitonIT introduced Share+, a radiology platform designed to work alongside existing RIS systems to support regional and/or national workflow across hospitals.

Share+ is a versatile platform that enables healthcare trusts to integrate a variety of PACS and RIS systems, irrespective of the vendor. This allows for, full patient histories across the region and facilitates shared workflows, including scheduling, vetting, and reporting. The main components of Share+ are Shared History, Images on Demand, Cross Site Reporting and an XDS register.

The platform is already in use on a national scale in Scotland and within the North-West London Imaging Network. Five additional Integrated Care Systems are currently in deployment: South East London, South West London, North Central London, East of England Imaging Network 2 and Eastern Diagnostic Imaging Network.

Soliton IT’s latest order is to provide the National Radiology Information System for NHS Wales. Radiology+ is a modular RIS specifically designed to adapt to the changing needs of supporting both RIS and PACS-driven workflows. Radiology+ is set to be implemented throughout all health boards in Wales. This new release will see Radiology+ and Share+ delivered to more than 200 UK sites or consortiums.

Soliton looks forward to seeing you on stand 6540, north hall.

Picture: Soliton IT’s solutions enable radiology departments to work closely together.

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