Stirling system is ideal for A&E

Emergency medicine consultant Dr Richard MacCallum with Sonosite’s Su Bassi and emergency medicine consultant Dr Elspeth Pitt.


Rapid access to FAST scanning and a durable construction make SonoSite’s S-FAST point-of-care ultrasound system ideal for use in a busy A&E department, according to Dr Richard MacCallum, consultant in emergency medicine at Stirling Royal Infirmary. 


Dr MacCallum explained: “Since obtaining our S-FAST system in February 2009, it has proven an invaluable tool for emergency medicine, offering user-friendly FAST scanning and good image quality for consultants and trainees alike.  FAST scanning is now a compulsory element of emergency medicine training, and the intuitive controls of the S-FAST make it ideal for inexperienced users, even in an emergency setting.


See the full report on page 11 of the July 2010 issue of RAD Magazine.

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