Ultrasound platform enables podiatry clinic to educate patients on screen

Following trials of various ultrasound systems, Tweed Podiatry in Kelso evaluated a MyLab Omega system from Esaote and was impressed by its image quality, user interface and overall design.

Practice owner Robert McCririck said: “Established in early 2018, we are a young but fast-growing practice with a desire to be the region’s leading referral centre for foot and ankle conditions. As a clinic with a strong focus on MSK and sports medicine, we have always had our sights set on ways to enhance our diagnostic capabilities and improve the care we deliver to our patients. The team at Esaote has, for me, been unequalled in its attentiveness at every stage

“Since becoming the owner of this system in the summer it has without question changed the way I practise for the better. On a daily basis we see patients with all manner of MSK and sports injury complaints, many with complex presentations and unclear diagnoses. The MyLab Omega has been a seriously powerful tool in supporting our clinical workup, sometimes backing up a diagnosis and sometimes changing it altogether.” McCririck pointed out that the option to educate patients about problems on screen has also been a benefit.

Ultrasound-guided steroid injections and regional anaesthesia for minor surgery have also been helpful for improving the safety, accuracy and repertoire of treatment options on offer.

Picture: Practice owner Robert McCririck.

Published on page 9 of the March 2021 issue of RAD Magazine.

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