Volunteer radiographers give feedback on AI-assisted MRI after a summer of sport

Canon Medical Systems UK says its MRI systems have played a key role in proactive and reactive healthcare imaging in sports and exercise medicine last summer.

Supporting sporting events on track and field, the AI-assisted MRI systems have helped with quicker diagnostic imaging of injuries as well as ongoing health surveillance. A team of volunteer radiographers have operated the MRI systems in relocatable units situated at various sporting locations.

A senior MRI/CT radiographer stated: “I was slightly apprehensive as I had not used Canon Medical equipment before. However, my confidence increased after completing short training modules on Canon’s training platform, the Medical Imaging Academy. This made my job as a radiographer focusing on quality scanning and care of the athletes easier to undertake.

“I experienced firsthand the exceptional, detailed image quality while using Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine [AiCE] technology on Canon’s Vantage Orian MRI scanner. Using Compressed SPEEDER allowed a reduced scan time while maintaining image resolution, allowing high productivity on busy days. I was also impressed by how quiet the MRI scanner was; the Pianissimo technology along with a wider bore and relaxing visuals on the wall and ceiling enabled the athletes to stay relaxed and calm.”

Another radiographer commented: “We scanned a wide range of patients and body parts, and the Canon Medical UK team was there for us every step of the way. Athletes commented on the access to MRI and were very impressed with the service we were able to provide.”

Picture: MRI systems in relocatable units have been operated by volunteers.

Published on page 30 of the December 2022 issue of RAD Magazine.

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