Welsh Minister visits proton beam therapy centre in Newport

UK Government in Wales Minister and MP for Monmouth David T C Davies visited the Rutherford Cancer Centre South Wales in Newport to show support and highlight the contribution independent cancer centres can make in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rutherford Cancer Centre South Wales offers proton beam therapy to adult NHS Wales patients. It has remained open throughout the pandemic and assisted local NHS trusts by treating cancer patients who would have otherwise had their treatments delayed or cancelled by the effects of the lockdown.

Mike Moran and David T C Davies
Rutherford Health ceo Mike Moran with UK Government in Wales Minister and MP for Monmouth David T C Davies.

Davies was welcomed by Rutherford Health ceo Mike Moran and centre manager Jamie Powell and given a full tour of the facility including viewing the cyclotron used for the proton beam therapy machine.

Davies commented: “Rutherford is a leading example of a firm that is harnessing the expertise that exists in the UK to deliver transformational improvements to cancer treatments and the lives of patients. The UK Government is clear that we want the UK to be a world leader in the science and research that will drive both economic growth and societal benefits for decades to come.”

Moran said: “Our Welsh centre, which had the support of the Welsh Government from the very beginning, has now grown into a network of four centres across the UK providing the latest and most advanced diagnostic and cancer treatments.

“Early testing and diagnosis is pivotal to achieving good health outcomes in cancer care. Rutherford Health has been at the forefront of pushing for early diagnosis to give patients the highest chances of treatment success. The UK government urged NHS trusts across the country to utilise independent sector capacity to deal with cancer delays and our centres have risen to the challenge.”

Published on page 24 of the October 2020 issue of RAD Magazine.

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