Baby wrap and feed device achieves stable positioning during MRI

North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust has taken delivery of a new baby wrap and feed device from Wolverson X-Ray. This device is designed by Pearl Technology for MRI and other busy imaging departments to improve image quality and patient comfort.

MRI scans for newborn babies are not an everyday occurrence and pose special challenges for everyone involved due to the difficulty of achieving safe and stable positioning. To meet the demands of this procedure, the BabyFix Cocoon was developed in collaboration with experts from the fields of neonatology, anaesthesia and paediatric radiology. The slim design and separate head and body fixation enable the mother to continue breastfeeding, facilitating close contact between her and the child during preparation for the scan.

Operational radiographer Rob Miles said: “The BabyFix Cocoon has proved invaluable in imaging the youngest of our patients. Combined with low noise scanning sequences this product has increased our imaging success rates, and provides a safe and secure environment that is acceptable to baby and parent. It is helping us to reduce the need for general anaesthesia; reducing the risks and stresses to babies and families.”

Picture: Radiographer Dalene Joubert holds the BabyFix Cocoon and prop doll, with booking clerk Julie Fletcher, radiographer Chris Collins, operational radiographer Rob Miles, radiology care assistant Liam Mahon, and Wolverson sales manager Gurpal Matharu.

Published on page 6 of the October 2019 issue of RAD Magazine.

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