Multi-dosing injector optimises contrast use at Wigan hospital

The CT team at Royal Albert Edward Infirmary, Wigan, has made the switch from a syringe-based injector system to a multi-dosing injector system from Bracco, which is expected to optimise how the CT department can use contrast.

Cross-sectional imaging manager Kathryn Grundy said: “Making the switch from a syringe-based injector system to a multi- dosing injector system has been something that the trust, and we as a department, have been thinking about for a while now. Taking the decision to do so has had a significantly positive impact on our workflow and patient throughput.

“The staff take great confidence in being able to perform test injections before scanning. This function provides them with reassurance before injecting patients and is a really useful safety feature, amongst others. Making the switch to a multi-dosing injector has undoubtedly provided a number of efficiencies throughout the department.”

Bracco says it is looking forward to working in partnership with the CT team at Royal Albert Edward Infirmary.

Pictured are cross-sectional imaging manager Kathryn Grundy with senior cross-sectional radiographers Lindsay Walker, Jen Mannion, Beth Rowlands and Joe Almond.

Published on page 2 of the March 2023 issue of RAD Magazine.

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