The need for AI-empowered PACS

The radiology industry is heading towards a redefinition of the role of radiologists and of what it means to work as a radiologist. All of today’s major industrial changes revolve around data, as is the case for the healthcare industry. Radiologists are to play a central role in this transition, because they are the ones with the deepest knowledge and experience when it comes to data interpretations.

As the role of radiologists evolve, their PACS—the right-hand assistant—needs to evolve as well. In this sense, there is a strong need for AI-enabled PACS, which supports the radiologists in the analysis of the data at hand. When it comes to AI solutions it is essential to incorporate them into the PACS workflow. There’s no point in adopting the latest AI technology if it doesn’t fully blend into the existing workflow, because it won’t be of any substantial use in a day-to-day basis.
INFINITT PACS 7.0 fully integrates AI into the daily radiology workflow, giving radiologists access to an entire pool of top-notch AI tools directly from the PACS viewer. INFINITT PACS supports AI-enabled analysis of abnormalities in eg chest x-ray, lung CT, mammography, brain MRI, ophthalmology and endo.

With just a few clicks, the radiologist can easily refer to AI findings while reading images on PACS. This empowers radiologists to perform better, by improving reading accuracy and the overall efficiency of the reading workflow.

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