Addenbrooke’s is pleased with mobile choice

Fujifilm account manager Iain Sims, radiographers Stephanie Johnson and Charlotte Lilley, lead radiographer Carolyn Woolhead, A&E lead radiographer Rachel Ives, advanced practitioner Ashleigh Masson, radiographer Daniel Furness and advanced practitioner Thomas Dunham.

In 2016, a team from Addenbrooke’s Hospital’s radiology department attended UKRC with an important objective – to source a new fleet of mobile x-ray units.  They looked at all the mobiles on display, discussed the attributes of each and compared the image quality.  The team concluded that out of all the units they liked the Fujifilm FDR Go the best.

The fleet of mobiles and detectors have been delivered and lead radiographer Carolyn Woolhead said: “All of our radiographers love using the FDR Go as they are so easy to move around and position, and the images are excellent.  The quality is incredibly good with really detailed anatomy, and the Virtual Grid processing means PIC lines and NG tubes can be seen without doing multiple images, thus reducing time and patient dose.”

See the full report on page 8 of the September 2017 issue of RAD Magazine.

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