Delegates can learn about microspheres for SIRT

Terumo UK will be presenting the Quirem Holmium Platform at the BNMS Spring Meeting.

Terumo Europe acquired Netherlands-based healthcare start-up Quirem Medical BV in July 2020. It specialises in the development of next generation microspheres for selective internal radiation therapy (SIRT) treatment for liver tumours, and the company has now been fully integrated into the wider Terumo organisation.

Quirem Medical developed and manufactures QuiremSpheres, said to be the only commercially available microspheres containing the radioactive isotope holmium-166. “Recent trials have shown the safety and efficacy of holmium microspheres for the treatment of unresectable liver cancer,” says Terumo. “To improve patient selection, therapy planning and treatment verification, QuiremSpheres can be visualised and quantified even in low concentrations by means of SPECT and MRI. This is unique and cannot be done with currently available yttrium-90 based microspheres.”

Quirem Medical also produces QuiremScout, a low dose holmium microsphere that helps evaluate the biodistribution of microspheres prior to therapy, and dosimetry software package Q-Suite, which is used to plan QuiremSpheres treatments based on QuiremScout dose imaging.

Q-Suite is also able to determine SIRT success immediately after the procedure by converting SPECT and MR imaging into absorbed dose distributions.

Together, QuiremSpheres, QuiremScout and Q-Suite make up the full Holmium SIRT Platform. The platform equips physicians with the necessary tools to optimise SIRT outcomes through more personalised treatment, addressing the individual needs of each patient.

Picture: The Quirem Holmium Platform assists treatment for liver cancer.

Published on page 18 of the April 2021 issue of RAD Magazine. Visit our dedicated BNMS Spring Meeting conference page to find out more.

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