Head to toe imaging solutions available from Medray

Medray Group is a provider of healthcare equipment solutions in the UK and Ireland. These solutions are provided through an experienced sales team, with a UK office in Hemel Hempstead.

X-ray rooms

Carestream’s flagship DRX-Evolution Plus x-ray room offers a modular design to fit individual space, workflow and budgets. Its features include Smart Noise Cancellation and Advanced Smart Room Features, which support productivity, save time and enhance patient care.

Mobile solutions

The manoeuvrable DRX-Revolution has been upgraded with features including a lighter tube head, more responsive display screens, quieter brakes and drive motors, functional LED lighting and optional in-bin charging.


The Stratos DR is suitable for any bone densitometry examination. It uses 2D-fan beam technology to perform high quality image examinations, providing a comfortable diagnostic experience.

Expansion into dental

Medray’s recent acquisition of HULBERT Imaging enables the company to provide dental and head and neck imaging solutions to NHS radiology departments, dental hospitals and private sector specialists across the UK.

CS 9600The CS 9600

The CS 9600 is a versatile, multimodality head and neck scanner combining 2D panoramic and cephalo- metric functions with volumetric imaging, 3D facial scanning and object modelling. Beyond comprehensive dental protocols, its flexibility delivers against many indications from maxillofacial and ENT specialities, where traditional CT would otherwise be chosen.

Visit Medray on stand A2.

Picture: The CS 9600 scanner (above) and DRX-Revolution x-ray system (lead image) are both available from Medray.

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