More use point-of-care ultrasound systems

At Newcastle, Dr Simon Elliott uses a SonoSite M-Turbo system


An ever-increasing number of radiologists are looking closely at point-of-care ultrasound for the advantages it offers to compliment traditional radiology services.


Dr Simon Elliott, consultant radiologist and clinical lead in ultrasound at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle, explained how his own radiology department is making use of hand-carried systems.


“We have been using portable ultrasound since we evaluated the UK’s first SonoSite 180PLUS® point-of-care system in 1999. We were very happy with the versatility and image quality of that system for the vast majority of our portable workload and, since then, use of point-of-care ultrasound has expanded.”


See the full report on page 8 of the April 2009 issue of RAD Magazine

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